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Mood:  sad
It is with great sadness that I report the death of one of our favorite accompanists...
Jackson "Jackson" Parakeet, 199?-2005

He was a cheerful bird of stunning plumage, his twittering an integral part of the atmosphere in my living room, and always happy when I was playing music...especially when the three of us were playing together. We have many early scratch recordings in which you can hear Jackson and his beloved missus, Belinda, lending their warbling tones into the mix. Poor Belinda is desolate now. I am sure that having to sit there for however long while I was at work, with her dead mate slumped on the floor at her feet was not a comforting thing, either.
Or, who knows...maybe she's a black widow...?
Who among men can delve into the mysteries of the budgie heart?
Nonetheless, we'll miss him.
A moment of silence, if you please.
In lieu of flowers, millet sprays will be accepted.

The silence will not last long, anyhow...as there's already a new sheriff waiting to don the badge of the Sob Sisters' avian mascot.
That's Larry the starling. He's still a baby, an orphan that I've been feeding the past few weeks. The thing is, he's gotten waaaay too tame and imprinted on me to release, and I have come to find out that people keep starlings as pets. Mozart even had a pet starling! They are total clowns and they have amazing powers of mimicry.
Check out these videos of talking pet starlings,
here. Totally bizarre, huh??
The mind reels with all the things I want to teach Larry...tunes to whistle, yodeling, old fangled expressions...too bad "Hey, liverlips!" is already taken by the one in the video. He's becoming quite a character already, though!

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