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Mood:  spacey
What a great show at Skybar last night!
Thought I'd share a few photos....
We went on first, and it amused me that some of our friends missed us because we started earlier than they expected. Isn't that a great way to perpetuate the legend? I made sure to tell everyone afterwards that it was our best set ever, and I didn't botch a single solitary note, and we brought down the house..."Too bad you missed it!" Ha!
It was a lot of fun, though, and thanks as always to Joe Feloni, things sounded great. I really think he particularly enjoys the sound-mixing challenge of Miss Kitty's saw!
Here's a neat photo of Karen and Miss Kitty tearing it up as the latter relates the sordid tale of
"Makin' Whoopee":

Here's another taken during "Am I Blue?", with Karen on ukulele, Miss Kitty on saw and kazoo, and myself singing the sob story, like all good sob sisters should:

After we ended with a nice "Aloha OY", Turkish Queen took the stage for a wonderful, often
enchantingly ethereal set...Karen joined them for a few numbers, too...always inspiring to see her rock out like that!
Pamela Martinez was next with her band, reminding me very much of Bjork and Portishead at times...lovely!
Finally came the phenomenal, red-clad Tuna Helpers (I am feeling lazy, so if you want all the linky linky action, go down two entries to the post with the mermaid flyer and find links to all the bands.)
all the way from Austin, TX. Poor Adrienne was not feeling well, rumor had it, but you'd never have had an inkling from their performance!

Bethany is a master at American Sign Language and the keys (not to mention the xylaphone), Khattie beats a mean drum, and what a set of pipes on that Adrienne! That's not even mentioning the delightfully disturbing puppet show that accompanied a few songs. They were just magnificent, taking everyone to a different world.
We hope the rest of their tour goes well, and that someday we'll meet again.

Yes, a very memorable evening!

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Wednesday, 06/22/2005 - 9:08 AM EDT

Name: Kelly
Home Page: http://www.amberspyglass.net

Hello Sisters -

It was a very nice set, but yes to bad John and I missed the first half of it!! (last minute switch) Grrr....Too many (self-titled)diva's in the world to deal with I guess;) All in all it was a great night of music. All the bands matched each other perfectly. I'll be sending you some pics that I took soon.

Ta !


Wednesday, 06/22/2005 - 7:13 PM EDT

Name: Roderick Cumming
Home Page: http://www.myspace.com/cathairensemble

Nifty! My band played with The Tuna Helpers here in L.A. a few months ago. They were very weird, and I mean that in the best possible way.

If you folks ever go to Finland, you should hook up with this band:


(The site's in Russian 'cause their album was just re-released by a Russian label.)

Saws and moustaches! Wow!

Thursday, 06/23/2005 - 11:02 AM EDT

Name: Karen
Home Page: http://sobsisters.com

Hi Roderick!
Nice to see Cathair is on Myspace...added you just now.
Yes, the Tuna Helpers were bizarre in the most excellent way - we really enjoyed their set.

And...that Finnish band reminds me of the Tiger Lillies a bit, no?

Good to hear from you, sir.
When we have recordings to trade, let's trade. Shouldn't be long now.

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