I make an obvious part, on the side or in the middle, and comb it all into a low ponytail. I wrap the ponytail into a bun shape, as low on the neck as possible, and disguise the ponytail band with a strip of lace fabric or an artificial flower. Think Spanish!

Spitcurls can add a bit of interest as well. Though probably not authentic, here is how I make them:

I use a product called CITRE SHINE TAKE HOLD styling glue, and some eyelash adhesive. You must cut a smallish lock of hair at each spot where you want a spitcurl. Never fear...when off duty, these short locks can be tucked behind an ear, or herded in with the rest of your hair. I find that a length of about 2" is good for a spitcurl.

They can be smaller and numerous, or a bit bigger and few. Size and arrangement is up to you, though I prefer asymmetry. After applying your makeup, and after deciding where you'd like to place them, get a nice dollop of styling glue on your finger and thumb and work it into the lock.

You may have to let it dry a bit before it becomes stiff enough to shape. Apply more, as needed, and begin twisting into a smooth piece, and twirling into a swirl in the direction you want it to turn. Pausing to let a curl stiffen a bit helps to make it more shapeable. Once the spitcurl has become stiff in its desired shape, use a bit of lash glue to affix it to your forehead or cheek in the desired spot. A couple drops along the length of the curl will keep it in place all night. The glues wash out easily in the morning.


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