When the folks at contacted us about making a video for one of our tunes, we were quite pleased. When we saw the results of their efforts, we blushed & giggled a lot. Hope you enjoy their video for "Let's Do It" as much as we do! It has all of the elements a good flim should have: ghosts, debauchery, mystery, and a theremin!

While you're at it, take a gander at some of their other shorts too. They remind us of Guy Maddin, Dame Darcy, and Edward Gorey rolled into one split personality. Charming!

Karen | 10.16.03

Thanks to those who came to our first recital at the Zeitgeist on October 5th! We arrived early to meet our hostess, Chelsea, and set up our gear. The space was very comfortable, with a gorgeous piano that I caught Irene making eyes at. {She's a sucker for a handsome grand.}

Our brief set consisted of a handful of songs, including Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue; My Blue Heaven; Let's Do It!; Button Up Your Overcoat; April Showers; and finally, a rendition of Yes! We Have No Bananas! that got us some laughs. All in all, a promising debut.

Please take a gander at the photos from the fine evening described, in the Photos section on our site. We are now honing our chops on a few more numbers to play at Skybar on the 26th. Do come say hello!

Renée | 10.10.03

Here's a nifty page that will give you a good handle on 1920s slang: Internet guide to Jazz Age Slang
Have fun annoying your friends and family, or start a whole "new" trend in your circles!"

Renée | 10.03.03

In case you didn't already notice, dear readers...
I have posted a new show date: Oct 26th at Skybar with Turkish Queen, Dreamchild, and Tim Mungenast. Check out our Concerts page for more details! Hope to see you there.

Karen | 9.30.03

For you lucky Southerners...a swell 20s event: Sea Island's 75th Anniversary Bash It's a gorgeous place...I've been there!

For us lucky New Englanders, I haven't great details yet, but during the months of Feb.-May 2004, the mansions in Newport, RI are doing a whole 20s hoo ha! I'll post info the moment I can locate any.

Renée | 9.26.03

Little Bo Peep forgot her sheep,
And went for an auto ride,
With a sheik whose grin
Implored, "Step in! We'll breeze
through the countryside!"

Bo Peep walked back,
Though the night was black,
With never a guiding star,
And the waiting sheep,
Heard her softly weep,
"He wanted to go too far!"

From a periodical called "Parisian Paragraphs", circa 1928

Renée | 9.25.03

He: "I'm going to buy myself a harem!"

She: "What do you mean? You can't buy a harem, can you?"

He: "Sure-I saw a sign at the gas station that said: Six gals for a dollar!"

From "The Echo" 1930, my grandmother's high school yearbook. Wood River High, IL

Renée | 9.23.03

I have been tempted many times to submit to the scissors, and I did once, many years ago. Unfortunately, a bob looks much better on some people than others. It takes a certain je ne sais quoi to pull off a bob with style. I mean, look at Karen, for example! Personally, I know it just wouldn't be me to have one. I guess I am just too attached to my waist length hair.

So the thing is, must one be bobbed to give a 20s impression? Not necessarily, although a bob works better under the close-fitting hats of the era. It seems like the vast majority of women in that era had shorter hair, yet on occasion, you come across an image of someone who obviously didn't. It's only logical that some ladies must've kept their long hair. A chignon seems to be the answer. Click here for my chignon and spitcurl instructions.

Another touch that is great for anyone, bobbed or long, is Marcel or fingerwaving. With long hair, you would make a chignon and wave the sides. Think Uma Thurman in "Henry and June". Fingerwaving is fairly tricky, however, at least for me. I'm still in self-training. Click here for fingerwave instructions by vividinfinity.

So there it is...the un-bob!

Renée | 9.22.03

Ever wanted a pair of 1920's style stocking garters? They're pretty hard to come by. But I found some DIY instructions in one of my vintage ribbonwork books that I've translated into modern language for you. All it takes is a little sewing know-how {not a lot!} and some pocket change for materials.

Click here, follow my easy instructions and....

Voila! Instant garters!

Karen | 9.19.03