In the early 1990's, Karen wandered astray of her classical cello training and began to experiment with stomp boxes and amplification. She fronted goth-pop trio Vitriola until its demise, and has since lent her strings to such projects as Incus, Turkish Queen, Twink, The Beat Circus, Annette Farrington, and more.

As a member of Tapeworm and Infinite Sector experimental music collectives, and, she's also contributed her electronically altered cello samples to many artists around the world, plays solo under the name Wisteriax.
When Karen is not going to shows or recording alone in her room, she enjoys sewing, needlework, thrift shops, papercrafts, playing dressup, and daydreaming. She has also been learning to play the ukulele, and looks forward to contributing this new skill to the Sob Sisters lineup.

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