1 pkg. Wright's wide lace hem tape in any color, 1 pkg. Wright's wide bias hem tape in a contrasting color, and one pkg. 3/4" wide elastic, plus any decorative ribbon flowers or buttons you'd like to use. {each pkg of hem tape will run you about $1.50, so this is not an expensive project}

Cut the lace tape into 2 equal lengths of at least 1 yd. per length. {the packaged lengths are usually 2 1/2 to 3 yd. per package, so I just cut them in half. You will need at least 1 yd. per garter, to get the full ruffle effect.}

Cut the bias tape into equal lengths as well.

Measure around your leg at the point you'll be wearing the garters. Cut 2 lengths of elastic that are 1" longer than the measurement around your leg.

Sew the bias tape on top of the lace tape, making a long tube with an even border of lace on each side. Each tube makes one garter, so if you'll want a pair, make 2 tubes. {don't sew the short ends shut - just hem down both of the long sides}

Use a safety pin to thread the elastic through the lace/bias tubes, gathering the material as you go. Then sew the ends of the elastic together to make a circular band. Close the tubes around the elastic, and attach your decorative ribbon flowers or buttons to cover the seam. {I use pins, so I can mix & match.}


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